• Poll: Which class should we enter?

    CanAm VRL has been invited to participate in the Globel eSports Championship, rFactor 2 Endurance Series.

    The first race of the series will be the 24 Hours of Daytona, January 19th, 2019. Tere will be 10 additional races, approxiamtely 1 per month (no race in August). Race will range in duration from 4 hours to 24 hours.

    It has been decided that CanAm VRL will accept this invitation, and we will field a team. We do not need to field the same driver lineup every race, but we MUST field the car for every race, otherwise we will be dropped form the series, and may not be invited back.

    We will be required to drive the same class/car for each race. The series will use the latest official Studio 397 cars, from the Endurance Pack. This pack includes:

    • 2018 Porsche 911 RSR
    • 2018 BMW M8 GTE
    • 2018 Corvette C7.R
    • 2018 Oreca 07 LMP2
    • 2018 Norma M30 LMP3

    Our acceptance and registration is due BEFORE Sept 30th, 2018 in order to ensure our gridspot. We do NOT need to identify the specifc car yet, but we do need to identify which class we wish to run in.

    For all interested drivers, please register using the Series Registration form. I also need everyone to vote for their prefered class in this thread (Cast your vote in the poll).

    This is an amazing opportunity for CanAm VRL. Lets show the world that we really are North America's Premier Sim Racing League!!


  • I have officially accepted our invitation to compete.

    I will share more details and next steps with everyone as things finalize on the organizer's end. Many things are still "WIP" on their end as they are also wrapping up this current season.

    There is a chance we may be able to field a second car, but given the current interest level, that would mean that each of you that has registered would need to commit 100% to the schedule. You would need ot ensure that any plans oyu make work around the above schedule.

    Please do everything you can to ensure you can be available for each and every race.

    In regards to the second car, IF (and I stress the IF) we are able to field a second car, we may need to have each car in different classes (still TBD), so hopefully we could end up with a GTE and LMP2 entry. Again, we will not know this until next month some time, once the registration period has closed and the organizers have a full car count.

    NOTE: Every driver must apply for a Driver's License on the organizer's site. See this forum thread for full details (must sign up to their site as well) GEC Info

    If we do recevie 2 entries, please note the license restriction on LMP2. Our LMP2 drivers MUST hold a Gold or Platinum raitng under their definition:

    • Platinum: Titleholder or previous title holder for any racing league or series
    • Gold: Has 3 or more podium finishes in any racing league or series
    • Silver: List previous experience in racing leagues or series.
    • Bronze: Has no racing league or series experience

    I think all of us are Gold, but we may have one or two that are only Silver. Please DM me via Discord if you are uncertain.


  • i registered and voted for GTE. I chose that class as I know i don't qualify as a gold driver.

  • Ok..Wait...

    I just realized the time differences and have to check things out before I totally commit. I am interested and if there is no conflict with work then it should be ok.

    Sorry to jump the gun.

  • @2112 Keep us posted. Take a look at the overall calendar (my original post). You don't need to be available for all races. We will be shuffling drivers based on availability.

    Also, make sure you compelte the registration, and license application on their site if you haven't already. Jsut so you are ready to go when available.

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