• This thread will be used to announce all penalties levied during the IndyCar racing season.

    Penalties posted here will include Points Penalties, Time Penalties, or formal Written warnings issued against any drivers for each event.

    Once posted here, penalties are final. Nothing will be posted here until all evidence has been reviewed, drivers interviewed when necessary, and all incidents discussed by the panel.


  • Round 1: Circuit of The Americas

    Saturday, October 6th, 2018

    THe first race of our IndyCar season was a bit light on entires, but was still pretty heavy on on track action. We saw several great battles throughout the race, especially several battles between Drizute and Frank.

    We also saw an incredibly dominant performance by Power, who took the pole, and led every single lap from Green to Checkered flags.

    There were a few incidents that did get reviewed. Results are as follows:

    1. Lap 1 incident invovling Drizute, Frank and F1_Racer68
      1. Frank ran wide on entry of to the esses, most likely due to the aero wash and colder tires on the first lap. Bouncing over the curbs unsettled his car and he made contact with the rear of Drizute's car. After the contact with Drizute, Frank spun on track and rolled slightly off to the right. F1_Racer68 was unable to avoid Frank and T-Boned the left side of Frank's car. Caution was called.
      2. Deemed a racing incident. No further action.
    2. Lap 18 - Drizute and MaximusDecimusMeridius
      1. Drizute caught MaximusDecimusMeridius in the esses. Maximus was already a lap down, and was receiving Blue Flags. Exiting the esses and approaching T10, Maximus chose that point to lift, or slow, to let Drizute by. Drizute being unprepared for it there, ended up running into the back of Maximus
      2. Maximus should have waited until after the kink to atempt to let Drizute by, and at the same time, Drizute should have been aware of Maximus' reduced pace, and should have been prepared for Maximus to be slower in that section.
      3. Deemed avoidable contact, with equal responsibility to both drivers. Warning issued to both drivers for avoidable contact.
    3. Lap 37 - crowhop spin and re-entry
      1. crowhop had a solo spin on lap 37 at the exit of T15. He then proceeded to re-enter the track without consideration of traffic, nearly resulting in a collision with Ozzie_123.
      2. Deemed to be an unsafe re-entry. Warning issued.

    No further issues were seen or reported. It was a fun race overall, even with a smaller grid. Let's hope Long Beach goes as well (not likely cheesey )

    See you in California!


  • Round 2: Long Beach

    Saturday, October 20th, 2018

    As expected, Long Beach provided a lot of activity. There was some great racing, there was the anticipated driver errors, and there was some not so great racing.

    All things considered though. we came away in pretty good shape. We had 5 incidents that were asked to be reviewed.

    1.  Lap 1 - Cause of FCY. Drivers involved include Ozzie123. Nurrec, F1_Racer68 and Raatha
      1. Ozzie123 and Nurrec entered the Fountain turn with Ozzie123 to the right and slightly ahead of Nurrec. As they approached the left entry, they made contact which spin Ozzie123.
      2. The incident caused all the cars behind to have to check up hard, which resulted in Raatha hitting the back of F1_Racer68.
      3. Deemed a racing incident. No further actions taken
    2. Race restart - Glasnost and 2112.
      1. Traffic was checking up and stacking up through the fountain turn.
      2. 2112 entered the corner, saw the situation, and made a clear attempt to slow his car, but no longer had room to slow enough without making contact with Glasnost
      3. Deemed a racing incident. No further action taken.
    3. Lap 4 (Restart) - Docslap and Frank.
      1. As drivers approached turn 6, there was a stackup happening for some reason.
      2. Docslap was unprepared for this and failed to anticipate it, and as a result made heavy contact with Frank.
      3. Deemed to be "Avoidable Contact". Docslap given a 45 second time penalty, which is equivalent to a "Drive Through". This drops Docslap to 11th place, and promotes eracerhead to 10th.
    4. Lap 49 - crowhop and Nurrec
      1. Entering turn 9, crowhop was looking to Nurrec's outside.
      2. crowhop failed to brake in time and made heavy contact with Nurrec.
      3. Because of the angles invovled, this incident required review from multiple angles. From crowhop's perspective, it appears Nurrec drifted left to block crowhop, but as seen  in the second video, that was not the case.
      4. Nurrec clearly remained in a straight line, with no movement. What seemed like a move to block, was in fact an illusion caused by Nurrec straight lining the kink in that part of the track. This was the normal approach to T9.
      5. crowhop was never really in a position to make a pass here, as he was never close to being alongside Nurrec.
      6. Deemed to be "Avoidable Contact". crowhop given a 45 second time penalty (equivalnet ot a Drive Through). This drops crowhop to 5th place, and moves Frank to 3rd, and Ozzie123 to 4th.
    5. Lap 67/69 - crowhop (lap 67) and Kaladin (lap 69)
      1. Kaladin was on Lap 69, and runnign in 2nd place.
      2. crowhop was on lap 67 and runnign in 4th place.
      3. crowhop was faster at this point in the race, and was atmepting to gain a lap back on Kaladin
      4. In the approach to Turn 9, crowhop made heavy contact with the back of Kaladin in the braking zone.
      5. Deemed "Avoidable Contact". As a result of this being crowhop's second incident of Avoidable Contact in this race, a 5 point penalty is applied.
    6.  Additional actions:
      1. Because of 3 similar incidents related to driving standards in 2 races, crowhop is being placed on a 2 race probation. Any similar incidents, in which crowhop is deemed to be at fault, will result in immediate maximum penalties. THe probation will cover the Round 3 -Indy 500 (Nov 3rd), and Round 4 - Road America (Nov 17th).

    The panel really doesn't like having to review incidents and hand out penalties. We do it in order to maintain the high standard that CanAm VRL drivers are capable of, and known for. Especially now that we are live streaming our race broadcasts, we must always be on our best footing. While Long Beach is known to be a difficult track, some of what we saw was simply inexcusable. We can do better. We MUST do better.

    With that said, please all remember that Indy is a beast in it's own ways. We saw that last spring when we raced there. The aero wash in the turns will bite you if you aren't prepared for it. Let's be prepared for it, and let's put on a better show than we just did.

    See you at the Brickyard.


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