• Some of you may have noticed that we once again only have one server showing up online. You may also have noticed some changes ot the LiveRacers page.

    The original dedicated server, and LiveRacers was being paid for by FreakVelocity. SInce he is no longer racing (at all in fact), it did not make sense for him to continue to pay for something that he was getting no benefit from. As a result, he has closed out the dedicated server, and reduced his LiveRacers account down to the free level.

    I personally want to thank FreakVelocity fro having provided us with the servers for as long as he has, out of his own pocket. It was very much appreciated.

    Given the reduced grid sizes, and the fact that rFactor 2 is far more efficient with it's bandwidth usage, we will now use a Dedicated server hosted by me. I have it currently connected to a separate LiveRacers server (also the free level), but will look at connecting it to the original one once the iRacing 24 Hours of Le Mans is done.


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