• Poll: What platform should we use to carry the league forward?

    So, I need to start a very serious discussion.

    Clearly our latest attempt of growing/sustaining the league has not worked. In fact, it looks like our switch to rFactor 2 may have backfired, as I have heard from several long tme members that they have not been able to come to terms with the sim, and have therefore moved on. Clearly, that was NOT our intent.

    This is forcing me to look at what our options are to not only get those drivers back with us again, but also to add to, and retain our current membership. As much as I hate the idea of the cost involved in moving to yet another platfrom, I think it needs to be considered. There are a number of options available to us. Some more expensive, some less expensive. Some more likely to help us grow, some less likely.


    The one most likely to help us grow, is also the most expensive option (no surprise there). The initial cost would be significant for some of us. That option is obvioulsy The cost breakdown (in CAD, not counting basic membership) would be as follows:

    • Tracks, $14.95 each, 11 race schedule = $164.45 if none of the tracks are owned already
    • Cars, $11.95 each, only 1 car purchase needed if not already owned
    • Cost to create a league (cost to me) = $10.00
    • Cost per race day (cost to me) = $0.50 per hour, average race day would be $2.00

    I would be requiring a "nonrefundable registration fee" for each driver signing up to help cover the costs of creating the league and hosting the events. That fee would be $5.00 or less, and additional proceeds would be used for other league related uses, such as perhaps prizes (depending on amount involved).

    iRacing is highly regarded for it's multiplayer stability/performance. It allows us to run multi-class, and even perhaps do true "team driving".

    rFactor 2

    The other option is sticking with what we know. RF2 is a known quantity. Those of us that are still racing are generally quite happy with it. Most of us have invested the money into the sim and DLCs already, so very little in any additional costs is needed. The sim also has the benefit of being stable abnd reliable in online play, with very few, if any, real issues. Most issues that we have had to deal with so far have been user related/lack of experience with the sim.

    RF2 will allow us to do run multi-class, and perhaps do true "team driving", if we can get enough members.

    Project CARS 2

    Going back to PC2 is always an option, although it is probably the lowest ranked option due to the known issues with the online functionality. IT does offer us all of what most of us look for, but has multiplayer issues that drove us away from it in the first place. Never-the-less, it is still a platform available to us.

    Assetto Corsa Competizione

    ACC is another option for us, but it does have significant limitations. There are limited cars/liveries. There are only 10 tracks.

    While it does offer "multi-class", those classes are based on driver rating, rather than type of car.

    ACC does also have some technical limitations currently, but is ever evolving and improving.

    Automobilista 2

    AMS2 is another option that will be available late this year, perhaps not until early next year. Aside from being based on the SMS Madness engine, and the fact that Reiza has a very solid reputation for their sims, there is little that we know about it at the moment.


    I am now looking for member input on how the majority of members want us to proceed. Please submit your #1 prefered choice in the attached poll, and leave any constructive feedback in this thread. I know many will be opposed to the iRacing option due to cost, so there is no need to state that. Your vote will already make that clear. I also know that no matter what direction we decide to go in, some members will not be happy and will not be willing to make the transition to that direction.

    I want to have an open and respectful discussion among members about this, as clearly something needs to be done.


  • Im going to go with the absolute obvious answer here and that's iRacing. Even with the fact that I will never get iRacing I still think that is the better choice. Majority of our player base is already on it and the best way to increase participation in our league is to get eyes on it, iRacing has the most eyes by far. 

    As much as l like to drive rf2 there is just no online participation. The entire player base has its own clique and no one ventures out. To put it into numbers, the thread I started on s397 forum has close to 200 views and not a single person has come from that, unfortunate but that's what it is.

    And for ACC online is already dying off. The initial boost from the full release is gone.


  • I've been in the league since PCars1 and I've had a huge number of awesome races.
    But the same thing happens every season. It starts off with a bang and whimpers out quite quickly. I think the only time we had a season with really good racing all the way through was in PCars1.
    I think that if CanAm were to run an IMSA league on iRacing a lot of new members would join. IMSA is very popular on iRacing but there are very few private IMSA leagues.
    Also, the cost can be spread out over a few seasons if we use some free tracks every season.

  • Welp, I voted for iRacing, as it does offer the best chances to grow. Honestly, even though the game offers so many frustrating moments, I'd pick PC2 as the 2nd best option. I am low in making races for no other reason than I cannot practice, that said I would be able to make events more there, as I need less practice to setup the car.

  • It's unfortunate the RF2 thing isn't panning out, but honestly I think that's more because marketing a league is hard. The sim itself is fantastic and provides a great experience at a reasonable price point (for those who care), but it's just hard to grow. I am still apprehensive about the iRacing driving experience but buying a couple cars next pay check is on my to-do so I can get an idea of what a proper race car feels like, as opposed to the MX-5 I've only dabbled with.

    Bottom line, the cost is not an issue for me and I think we have the best shot at adding serious endurance fans on that platform.

  • Crap. Now I gotta pay for and race in a sim that puts me back of the pack...

  • iRacing is the only league based system thats effectively running private races, some good some bad, but most who are on there are invested and vested in racing, you will have a group of people to recruit from that are more dedicated and therefore will have less drop off, as long as the racing is fair and competitive. iRacing is ONLINE only basically and thats where we race, thats why they are better at it. NOT perfect by any means but built for online racing...

  • Well, now that I’ve done a race I’m in full support of iRacing. I still don’t love the FFB, but the benefits are hard to argue against.

  • Lessen, what was your experience in iRacing? Do share if you don't mind.

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