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Posted by F1_Racer68
Active from Monday 13 March 2017 - 09:19:44 to Saturday 01 April 2017 - 10:54:07


  • ChillPhil1986
    3 years ago

    I second Kaladin on his thoughts. I'm willing to burn my drop week and perhaps another one to run a full-grid 24 hr event. Apart from that, I came into this league as someone looking for a team to run enduro's with. I got much more than I asked for. As such, I don't think that our current format should be altered much to accommodate endurance racing.

    Most of us seem to have busy lives, what with work, families, etc. and do this as a way to make use of what free-time we have. So to make extra room for enduro's to the extent of multiple alterations to schedule (for an example), would not make sense to me.

    For those of us, like myself, who might find extra time to drive other leagues, and promote our league elsewhere, yay for us, but it's still on us to show up, and be consistent if we want to compete for the championship.

    Thusly, I voted to prioritize our League Schedule as is. With PCars2 coming out next year, I would guess this will not be too big of an issue in the future.

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  • Kaladin
    3 years ago

    Yes crowhop there are actually 6 dates that conflict with our current season schedule. That said I do think that the biggest of the draws is the 2 races that last 24 hours. Those are really the grand daddy of the races left for Iracing.

    On a positive note, after the 12 hours of Sebring, I did have a message the next day stating that the 2 CanAm cars fielded an amazing group of "clean" drivers, and the person sending the massage was pleased with our performance on track and behind the wheel. Hoping that in future events they run with us more as they have "no worries" near us on track.

    Comments like that are among the the best to read of our group... that said I am the one who got into the only real "accident" during the race, lol.

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  • crowhop
    3 years ago

    After a little research, I see that our scheduled races on 6/10 (iR Le Mans), 6/24 (iR Watkins), 7/22 (iR Spa), 8/19 (iR Road America), 9/30 (iR Road Atlanta) and 10/14 (iR Bathurst) would all be impacted.

    There will be a lot of interest to participate in those races given that most of the league members do iRacing. Whatever happens, I will be fine with. I don't like it, but I know most of you won't be racing in pcars those weekends regardless.

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  • F1_Racer68
    3 years ago


    Thanks for your comments.

    First, to clarify, nothing is being "proposed" here. The poll is literally just to gather the league memberships overall opinion. Your comments are exactly the kind of feedback that we are looking for. As always, we try to do accommodate the majority of members in all things. We don't like make unilateral decisions, especially on things that have a significant impact on the league.

    Whichever option the majority supports is the one we will prioritize. That does NOT mean cancelling any events if the membership decides to prioritize the iRacing events. It just MIGHT mean schedule adjustments. If the majority feel the league's events should take priority then it will mean skipping the iRacing events, or those deciding to participate in the iRacing events instead, will have to skip the league events.

    To answer your question regarding the conflicts, we have the following:

    June 20 - 11
    iRacing 24 Hours of Le Mans vs pCARS Road America
    July 22 - 23
    iRacing 24 Hours of Spa vs pCARS Silverstone

    For the record, I personally voted that our league events should take priority, simply because that is why we are all here to begun with. iRacing was always supposed to be a side activity and as much as I enjoy participating in those events, they are not the core of our league.

    With that said however, I do acknowledge that participating in these iRacing events is drawing attention towards us and helping to promote our league.

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  • crowhop
    3 years ago

    Question is which dates will be affected?
    Which races will we have to skip in the pcars Season?

    As someone currently without iRacing, I am adamantly opposed to this proposal.

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