24 Hours of Le Mans

 F1_Racer68    05 Jun : 23:00
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CanAm VRL will once again be challenging the worlds leading sim racers in another grueling twice around the clock event. This time, it's the Grand Daddy of them all, the 24 Hours of Le Mans from Circuit de la Sarthe in France.


12 drivers and 1 team manager will challenge this 8.469 mile legend as we strive to finally achieve that all elusive podium finish that we have come so close to, only to have it snatched away in the closing hours.

The team will be fielding 3 Ferrari 488 GTEs in an all out assault on the field. Co-ordination, team work, skill and luck are the keys to success in these tests of man and machine. We have had 3 of those keys in each of our previous attempts at glory, only to have luck frown upon us.

It's time to change that.

Once again, we will have live streams of the event so those not participating are able to support their fellow CanAm VRL members, and keep up to speed on how we are doing.

Driver pairings are yet to be decided, but your 12 drivers are:

  • Jason Rabe - Kaladin
  • Joshua Bieling - Nurrec
  • Dylan Vose - DCWANTCASH
  • Ian Pretorius - Animera
  • Ian (Robert) Rattray - Drizute
  • Phillip Lombard - ChillPhil1986
  • Joseph Daniels - Power
  • Joseph Nelson - Ozzie123
  • Trevor McManus - yo420dude
  • Adrian Refsnes - dabbowabbo
  • Brad Bieth - B-Rad (docslap)
  • Greg Prochnow - 2112

Once again Thomas Harder (F1_Racer68) will serve as overall Team Manager and strategist, and backup driver if needed (man I hope not... cheesey )

ChillPhil1986 is the team's Graphic Artist and will be putting the liveries together as quickly as humanly possible. Based on his previous work I know it will be another stellar job, and will ensure that all competitors know right away that CanAm VRL is in their mirrors so get the heck out of the way because we are coming through.

See you (virtually) in France!!

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