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 F1_Racer68    15 Jan : 21:22
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CanAm VRL is pleased to announce a new cross-marketing partnership with iNTACT esports.

CanAm VRL is pleased to announce a new cross-marketing partnership with iNTACT esports.

iNTACT esports is a highly respected, and highly competitive esports team specializing in:

  • Counter Strike
  • Fortinite
  • Rocket League

With over 1200 Twitter followers, and nearly 400 Twitch followers, iNTACT has a strong presence and large fanbase to help us reach a larger gaming audience.

The goal of the partnership is to allow for cross pollination of players between the 2 groups, as well as helping promote each other to our audiences for greater growth of each group.

With that in mind, CanAm VRL will carry the iNTACT logos on our liveries for the upcoming iRacing 24 Hours of Daytona, and all other future iRacing special events. Logos will also be included on all custom liveries in our rFactor2 series, as well as in our live streams. Additional uses and presence of the logo are still to be defined.

A special thank you to CanAm VRL Vice PResident Docslap, and iNTACT Leader TacoMike for laying the groundwork for this partnership. We look forward to many successful years of combined growth and success.

Founded by Michael Charles & Cody Reeder in 2018, alongside the booming professional video gaming industry. Intact eSports has been hard at work, carving out a name for ourselves in the expanding North American Counter Strike, Fortnite & Rocket League scenes. Pushing the envelope to create America’s next premier organization in the online gaming sphere.

Intact strives to captivate the masses, recruiting players & content creators with the skill, drive and the unwavering commitment to be successful. We’ve built a culture with a winning strategy & continue to #RiseAbove.

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