Season 9 Champion Crowned!!

 F1_Racer68    17 Oct : 22:44
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GT6 Endurance Cup
Champion Crowned!
Season 9 of the GT Endurance Cup came to a close this weekend. In what is the closest final standings in CanAm VRL history, GT_LEGENDS_13 has won the Driver's Championship by a mere 2 points over Turftuff!!

Congratulations to all drivers, and particularly to GT_LEGENDS_13 on winning the championship, and to Turftuff for taking the fight right down to the wire.

There will be a 10th season of racing in GT6, starting this weekend (Saturday, October 22nd). This will again be a spec series using the 1991 Acura NSX LM RACECAR with stage 3 engine and full tune. The season will consist of 11 races. Full details and Technical Regulations will be posted later this week.

Anyone wishing to participate should reach out to GT_LEGENDS_13 or Turftuff.

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