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Podium for CanAm VRL #2 !

The CanAm VRL #2 team of Kaladin, Power, Nurrec and Animera scored CanAm VRL's first ever Endurance Event podium with a solid 2nd place finish in this past weekend's 24 Hours of Le Mans.

A strong performance by all 4 drivers saw the team move from 14th on the grid to 2nd place early in the race (lap 67 of 358), and never look back. Throughout the race, the team traded the lead several times with the other main competitor, team Karbon Phoenix 193. By the end of the race, only those 2 teams were on the lead lap, with CanAm VRL #2 pushing hard.

By the last fuel stop, the team had finally decided that the win was no longer in reach as the gap was now in excess of 30 seconds. As a result, focus shifted to protecting the podium finish and making sure the car was not damaged at all, since the 3rd place car was 4 laps down at thsi point. The gap to the leaders ended up being just over 46 seconds at the end of 24 hours, and more importantly the car did not have a single scratch.

Anger and Frustration for CanAm VRL #1

CanAm VRL #1 team consisting of Drizute, dabbowabbo, DCWANTCASH and 2112 started very strong. dabbowabbo had qualified the car in 2nd place, and with a clean start the team ran a strong top 5 pace for several hours. By virtue of dabbowabbo's higher iRating, this team ended up in a separate split from the other 2 cars.

Unfortunately, the team met with an incident at the 5 hour mark invovling a former CanAm VRL league member. For some very strange reason the driver of the Precision iRacing Team, which was already 2 laps down to us, decided that they would pass us on the straight. He then tried to cut back in front without yet being clear of our car. This resulted in him PIT maneuvering himself on our nose. As if this weren't bad enough, the incident occured on a section of track where the left Armco barrier is quite close to the track. The car was bounced off of the Armco and back into the left side of our car. The resulting damage cost the team 20 spots and more importantly nearly an hour in repairs.

With concentrated effort and steely determination the team was able to salvage a 15th place finish.

Connection Issues for CanAm VRL #3

CanAm VRL #3 was driven by Ozzie123, yo420dude, ChillPhil1986, and B-Rad. Ozzie123 set a qualifying time resulting in a 23rd starting place, several places behind the #2 car in the same split.

Ozzie123 started the car and as seems to be his forte, made steady progress towards the front. At the end of his first stint in the car he had moved us to 6th place.

At this point, Ozzie 123 pitted the car for a driver swap with yo420dude set to take the wheel. Unfortunately, this was also where things went sideways for the team. As yo420dude was making his way around the track on his outlap, he was simply focusing on getting settled in and finding a rhythm, when disaster struck. Without warning, yo420dude's modem decided to let all of it's magic smoke out of the magic chip that makes it talk to the Internet. With Ozzie123 having stepped away fro a driver pit stop, and no other driver available, I (F1_Racer68) was forced to take over the wheel.

The 8+ minutes lost for the "tow" back to the pits as a result of the disconnect, meant that when I finally came back out on track we had dropped back down to 22nd place and lost several laps. The second problem was that I had never intended to drive the car. As such, I had a minimum of time in the car (maybe 2 dozen laps total), so this was going to be interesting.......

In the end, I drove yo420dude's 3 scheduled stints, with 1 spin in each stint. Each of these spins resulted in body panel damage which impacted the car's top speed on the straights. This meant that by the time B-Rad and ChillPhil1986 ran their stints, the car was no longer competitive. Thankfully, tehre had been no mechanical damage, so while the car was slower, it still drove very well, and B-Rad and ChillPhil1986 were able to regain lost ground.

In the end, the team was able to claw their way back up to a 12th place finish and were running down the 11th place car when the race ended.

Feelings of Pride

I cannot express how proud I am of every one of these drivers. Teams #1 and #3 encountered adveristy and met it head on and persevered. There was NEVER even the slightest hint of a desire to give up or quit. Many of our competitors did just that, but CanAm VRL kept on fighting.

Congratulations to the drivers of CanAm VRL #2 on achieveing CanAm VRL's first ever podium in iRacing Endurance. A solid, hard earned, well deserved 2nd place that all 4 drivers should be proud of.

Lastly, I want to say thanks to all of the drivers for their commitment to this event. It was a huge effort, and was made even mor edifficult by iRacing's decision to change the cars out less than a week before the event. Your dedication to testing and practicing every night with the new cars was most appreciated, and showed it's worth in the pace all 3 teams were able to run.

To those of you who tuned into the live streams to spectate and support the teams, thank you as well. You are a big part of why we do this. TO help spread our name and build our reputation as North America's Premier Online Racing League!!

See you at the 24 Hours of Spa-Francorchamps on July 22 - 23!!



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