Third Time's the Charm?

 F1_Racer68    06 Aug : 13:47
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Over the past few seasons, the league has struggled significantly to maintain driver numbers on track.


Over the past few seasons, the league has struggled significantly to maintain driver numbers on track. While each season has started strongly, numbers have dropped quickly and significantly as the season progressed. During this time, the league panel has made many significant efforts to bolster the grid, but with little success.

For the past season, we proposed moving to another platform, which was more established, and with fewer technical issues. Initially, this appeared to be successful, but once again, after the first 4 - 5 races, number plummeted, and recruiting efforts have had no success. The player base just isn't there, at least not in the time zones that we race in.

It was therefore decided to pose the question to the members at large on how we should proceed in order to try and bring CanAm VRL back to it's former glory of 20 - 30 car grids for every race. The final result, by an overwhelming margin, was the decision to move to iRacing as our new core platform. While this decision comes with a price, it allows us to move to a platform with a huge, and highly dedicated player base.

We will retain our core format of multiclass, IMSA inspired racing, using the HPD as our LMP2, the full roster of GTE cars, and perhaps allow some GT3 cars as well if the grid count allows for 3 classes.

In order to minimize the impact to our core members who may not yet be invested into iRacing, we will run the first season using entirely free track content. Our first season in iRacing will begin on Saturday, September 7th, 2019. We will continue to use our existing format of racing on alternating Saturday nights, with the practice session beginning at 21:30 ET (9:30 PM ET). Our full schedule will be as follows:

Race 1 - Sep 07, Daytona 2007
Race 2 - Sep 21, Laguna Seca
Race 3 - Oct 5, Charlotte Road Course
Race 4 - Oct 19, Summit Point Raceway
Race 5 - Nov 2, Okayama (Full)
Race 6 - Nov 16, Lime Rock (Full)
Race 7 - Nov 30, Phoenix Road Course
Race 8 - Dec 14, Silverstone GP (free version)

Thanks to league member Jason Rabe (Kaladin), our first season of server time, etc. has been fully funded. Jason made a significant donation to the league in order to cover the first season, as his way of thanking the league for moving to iRacing.

Along with our league moving to a full time focus on iRacing as our core, we will obviously continue to field teams in the numerous special events that iRacing offers each year. With our league now being more laser focused on iRacing, there will be significant changes coming to the website as well. Much of our non iRacing content will be archived, and the site will become more streamlined. I will also be updating the look and feel of the site to be more in line with our focus on iRacing. These website changes will take time, and will happen in increments, so "watch this space".

One of the many changes that you will see immediately, is that the league will be moving away from TeamSpeak, and using Discord as our primary voice chat application. iRacing offers an excellent VoIP solution for use during the races, and for voice chat with other non league racers, while Discord will allow us to have continued voice chat outside of the race sessions.

As always, if anyone has any questions, comments, or concerns, please contact me directly, either via Discord, PM here on the website, or via email at @

See you on track!!

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