Website Issues

 F1_Racer68    08 Sep : 17:08
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Website Issues

Website Issues
Partial Data Loss

Observant members may notice that some things are missing this afternoon from the website.

Due to some unexplained Database corruption several weeks worth of data have been lost. In order to bring the site back up and online I have had to revert back to an older backup of the database. This unfortunately means that several forum posts, news articles, private messages, polls and chatbox posts have been lost, as well as 3 new members having to recreate their user accounts.

I have informed all 3 of those members of the situation and they will hopefully sign back up soon.

If anyone notices anything else that is missing, or any other issues with the site, please let me know ASAP and I will attempt to recitfy the problem.

My sincere apologies for the issues. I wish I knew what had happened, but at this point I cannot explain it.

Submitted by F1_Racer68


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