CanAm VRL Presents: Indianapolis 500

 F1_Racer68    23 Aug : 09:59
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Indianapolis 500

Do you have what it takes to challenge the Brickyard?

CanAm VRL will host a real time Indianapolis 500 event on May 26th, 2018 at 21:30 EST

The event will be hosted using Project CARS 2.

Full details of the event schedule can be found on our Event Calendar.

The event will follow the full ruleset of the IndyCar series, and will use real settings for all aspect of the room including, tire wear, fuel usage, driver aids, etc.

The event will be held the evening before the actual Indy 500, so that participants will be able to experience what their favorite IndyCar stars will experience the next day.

Signup for the event is in our forums

Keep your victory milk in the fridge.

Hope to see you on track!

Please Note: The in game liveries are the 2016 race. This means that Fernando Alonso's car is NOT in the grid. The offical 2016 Indy 500 Spotter's Guide is posted in the signup page to help you make your selection.



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