Men at Work?

Man At Work Hi

So, while I do have the site back up and useable, I am sure many of you will notice that there is still a LOT of work left to do.

Not all of the things you were accustomed to on the old site will return, for example the "Upcoming Events" and "Mini Calendar" items that used to be on the right side of the old page are no longer supported. WIth that said, the gains in features, functionality, and most importantly server security (within the software itself) far outweigh the lost features.

As for the things I know of that are still left to do, I thought I would post a list here to let everyone know of the things that I know still need to be done. If anyone finds anything that I have missed, please be sure to let me know.

  • Create Project CARS 2 Sub Forum
  • Rebuild "Links" page with relevant Sim racing links to other sites (such as Project CARS official sites, Sim hardware sites, etc.).
  • Migrate current "external" Gallery to the new embedded one.
  • Work with software developer to get TeamSpeak Viewer working
  • Change Drop Down menu transparency level
  • Add new, meaningful, front page content
  • Re-enable Donation module

All of this will happen, but it will all take some time. I am still very much in "learning" mode with this new software package, as it has changed quite a bit from the old platform.

Bear with me as I come to terms with it, and check back often to see what (if any) progress I have made.